The best riders choose the best safety,
they wear our Air Vest what about you?
Helite Pro riders
Find out more about pro-riders wearing HELITE air vests. The following riders compete at an international level and use our air vest on the cross country phase of the trial. The difficulty of the jumps makes it particularly dangerous; therefore wearing the best airbag can be lifesaving. However, wearing an air vest should be done at every level of horseback-riding.
Airbag Joe Whitaker Helite Louise Whitaker Helite Benedetta Manfredi
Helite Hans Goskowitz Helite Stephanie Paul Helite Maibrit Laustsen
Helite Emily Llewellyn  Helite Gemma Tattersall Helite Nick Gauntlet
Helite Georgie Spence Helite Alice Pearson Airbag Karim Laghouag
Helite Emily Beshear Helite Elisa Wallace Helite Avery Klunick
Helite Romeike Claas Helite Niklas Bschorer Helite Bettina Hoy
Helite Peter Thomsen Helite Sandra Auffarth Helite Louise Jähde
Helite Maria Pindeo Sendagorta Helite Cristina Pindeo Sendagorta