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HELITE - The Designer
Gérard Thevenot, the founder of Helite has been active as an entrepreneur and designer since shortly after he finished studying engineering in 1975. His first venture was a company called La Mouette, which designed and sold hang gliders.

However what concerned Gérard most was the high incident of accidents when hang gliding and it prompted him to design a protective system for the pilots.
HELITE - The Original
Helite is the worldwide leading manufacturer of airbag vests and riding jackets. Carrying the name Point Two the airbag vest became well known worldwide and has more than 30,000 users.

However, starting in 2013 Helite will be developing and selling their original airbag vest exclusively under their own name.

Helite’s 11 years of experience and technology has enabled them to design and produce for equine sport a pressure airbag with not only a large volume but also an extremely fast triggering mechanism with a release time of <0.1 sec.

The airbag vests produced by Helite have been able to prove their value numerous times and are suitable for use in all disciplines of equine sport.

Video: Whitaker Louise testimony
The following video briefly presents the AIR SHELL.

Helite News and the Helite Pro Riders
Helite Pro Benedetta Manfredi Helite Pro Louise Whitaker Helite Pro Stephanie Paul
05.08.2014 British Dressage rules allow the AIR SHELL
You can ride with our AIR SHELL under the British dressage rules

19.07.2014 Eventing CHIO 2014
Sandra Auffarth & Opgun Luovo win the CHIO 2014

01.05.2014 / Louise Whitaker trying out the AIR SHELL
Learn about the Helite airbag collection for Show Jumpers

01.04.2014 / AIR SHELL collection now recommended by British Show Jumping
Read about the Helite airbag collection for Show Jumpers

06-08.12.2013 / HELITE @ Cavaliada Poznan Fair Poland
Meet our new polish distributor, Equiland at Poznan Fair

15.10.2013 / HELITE wins Innovation Trophy
Helite has won the RMC Radio Trophy for being an innovative company (...)

13.10.2013 / CCI****Boekelo
Peter Thomsen/GER with his HORSEWARE'S BARNY, finishing 2nd (...)

07.09.2013 / BBC News
One more saved rider with our airbag system! (...)

Helite Sandra Auffarth Helite Pro Maria Pinedo Helite Peter Thomson