World first airbag for show jumpers
and happy hackers

  The AIR SHELL combines the best horse-riding airbag technology with the flattering style and design of a soft shell. It integrates the same airbag system as 65,000 AIR JACKETs already in use across the world. The great innovation is not only the new look but the detachable airbag! This sets the Air Shell range apart from other horse-riding airbags on the market, because the outer SHELLs are interchangeable - you can swap the Blazer (sleeveless Shell) for the long sleeved Blouson style depending on the weather and riding purpose whether you're hacking or competing or just to suit your mood! A revolution in the field of airbag technology for riders that brings many advantages:

MULTIPLE LOOKS: You own one airbag and multiple outer-shells. The inner-linen airbag system unzips from its outer shell giving you the option to own several outer shells with different colours and shapes. You will also be able to update your looks as new designs are launched, without reinvesting in an airbag. In other words, your airbag stays and your looks evolve.
PRACTICAL: The shells can easily be washed at 30°C. Our original Air Jacket was hard to wash. With our new Air Shell it’s much more practical. In 3 seconds the airbag linen is unzipped and you can machine wash your shell at 30°C.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Wear the fashionable shell on its own when not on the horse. The flattering style and design of the high quality outer shell can be worn on its own. It is perfect for wearing out and about when not on the horse.
PATENTED: The ZIP'in technology is a patented idea and innovation, that makes it very easy to remove the airbag and change styles.
ZIP'in airbag with multiple shells

Size         Height                  Chest               Waist                Hips                 Cartridge Type
CHILD L 145 - 160 cm 65 - 75 cm 55 - 70 cm 65 - 90 cm 50cc
XS 150 - 165 cm 70 - 80 cm 60 - 75 cm 70 - 95 cm 60cc
S 155 - 170 cm 75 - 86 cm 70 - 80 cm 75 - 100 cm 60cc
M 160 - 175 cm 85 - 97 cm 75 - 90 cm 85 - 110 cm 60cc
L 165 - 180 cm 93 - 105 cm 80 - 95 cm   95 - 120 cm 60cc
XL 165 - 185 cm 100 - 110 cm  85 - 100 cm   100 - 125 cm 60cc
2XL 165 - 190 cm 105 - 115 cm  95 - 110 cm   105 - 130 cm 60cc

The AIR SHELL Range is British Showjumping compatible!
The Air Shell Range by Helite is permitted under British Showjumping rules as well as in other countries
UK: British Show Jumping
Switzerland: Fédération Suisse des sports équestres
british show jumping association logofederation national suisse cheval